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Are you hoping to put in a few hours and work during your visit to Australia? If you are, an Australian tax file number will help you to pay less tax faster and will serve as an important part of your preparation plans. The backpacking experience is one to be savored but funds can run low after you’ve been here for a while. You can also visit this site for more information. Taking on gainful employment to counteract those unexpected expenses will help you to finish your journey with money to spare.

When can I apply for a Tax File Number?

Read through official resources and one might be forced into believing that a tax file number can only be applied for when an individual arrives in Australia. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. By applying for a tax file number through our popular third-party service, registrations can be made in advance of your trip and be ready for processing as soon as the wheels of your plane make contact with the runway.

Wait until you arrive in Australia, and you could have to wait 28 days before your tax file number is issued. Throughout this time, any work that you carry out will be taxed at the 46.5% emergency rates and this can swallow up almost half of your income straight away. Apply before leaving and your tax file number will be back in your hands inside 7 to 10 working days.

Reducing Taxation in Australia for Travellers with a Tax File Number

You won’t need to have a permanent address, which means you can continue to travel throughout Australia at will. By using our specialist services, the Australian Tax Office will use our address for delivering correspondence and you will be notified of approval by email no matter where you are. After this also checkout our url:http://www.unitedpeoplescreditunion.com/answers-to-your-tax-file-number-questions/ here. This leaves you free to discover the wonders of Australia at your leisure in the safe knowledge that your tax file number can be retrieved at any location where access to the Internet is available.

Starting Work in Australia

When you begin work, employers have to issue a declaration form that assesses your residential status. The form must be returned within 28 days but the longer it takes to complete the paperwork, the longer it will take for your tax file number to arrive. With the 28-day turnaround included, it could be almost 2 months down the line before you can come off emergency rates and pay the standard 29.5% non-resident tax rate instead. Throughout this time, money will literally be seeping out of your pockets.

As a reputable service provider, we will keep in touch with you throughout the application process with SMS messages and deliver your approved tax file number electronically. If you not satisfied you can also click here. This means that you will always have a record of approval in your inbox so declaration forms can be completed as soon as you start work. By preparing effectively and having your tax file number authorized sooner, your income will always be taxed at the preferential non-resident rates.


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