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The tax file number (TFN), issued by the Australian Tax Office, is used to manage taxation across the states and territories of Australia. If you plan to visit Australia and work throughout your time here, your tax file number will be a vital consideration for all prospective employers and not having one organised will see you paying more tax for longer. Additionally, you could find that you won’t be able to claim any other benefits that you would ordinarily be entitled to.

Skilled migrants, students and overseas visitors wishing to work during their visit ‘down under’ can submit applications for a tax file number in advance. After this also visit our top article here. The application is formally lodged when the applicant eventually lands on Australian soil. As long as the appropriate visa that permits work is held, tax file numbers can be forwarded at a later stage so travelling plans can continue unhindered.

Tax File Number Benefits

Of the many benefits that a tax file number offers, perhaps the most important of them is the prospect of employers looking upon job applications more favourably when taxation requirements are already in place. In equal measures, the acquisition of a tax file number means that overseas workers will be taken off emergency tax rates much sooner and they will pay less tax faster. This is particularly important if work is going to subsidise travelling plans or living costs because lower tax rates result in higher net earnings.
There may be times when you need to deal directly with the Australian Tax Office yourself. If you need to discuss income supplements to boost your wages, lodge tax returns or make and receive payments under the current GST system, your tax file number will promote easier communication. The ATO will also be able to reference you quickly and process any activities with you much sooner.

Easy TFN Applications

Applying for a tax file number is simple. Online forms only take a matter of moments to fill in and submit.  By making an application in advance, the typical 28-day turnaround time can be reduced dramatically and in most cases, your tax file number can be back in your hands within 7 to 10 working days. By using our expert services, many applications are processed even faster.

Getting to Grips with Tax File Numbers

Throughout the processing of your application, you can opt to receive regular SMS updates on your mobile telephone and this can be particularly helpful if you are already negotiating job offers or starting dates. You can also visit this link http://www.taxreturnco.com.au for more information. When your tax file number finally arrives, confirmation is sent via electronic mail which means it can be picked up anywhere with Internet access.

Travelling in Australia

We understand that Australia is a land of excitement and opportunity and many overseas visitors may never have an opportunity to visit our shores again. By waiting until you arrive in Australia, tax file number applications take much longer to complete and your travelling itinerary will be compromised if you have to stay in one place while you wait for your registration to be processed.

Apply today, and you can discover the wonders of Australia as soon as you arrive here. In the end you can also read more here. As long as we have an email address, we can send over you tax file number as soon as your registration is complete and as long as Internet access is available, you will always have a permanent electronic copy of your number available whenever new employers request it.


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